Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What is the target audience to Alternative Rock?

To determine the target audience of my genre, alternative rock, I have created a questionnaire. This is the questionnaire I have created:

Questionnaire- Alternative Rock.

Please circle the appropriate answers.


Do you listen to Alternative rock?


Yes                                                                          No


How old are you?


10-15          15-20          20-25        25-30      30-35       35-40       40-45      45-50




Male                           Female                    Other


What bands have you listened to?


Biffy Clyro                            Two Door Cinema Club            Lower Than Atlantis


Paramore                             Blur                                         Rise Against


30 Seconds To Mars             3 Doors down                          Young Guns


A Day To Remember


Do you enjoy listening to alternative rock music?


Yes                       No                     On occasion


When considering a name for the Alternative Rock genre which do you think would be more appropriate?


Down Fault


Lower Madness


Darkest Crush


Confidential Riot


Riot Aisle


Death Cord

I have chosen these specific questions for several reasons.
Do you listen to alternative rock?- I asked this as it establishes whether the persons following answers are relevant or not
How old are you?- This allows me to determine what the average age of  the listeners are; establishing a target audience.
Gender?-Allows me to narrow the target audience to a specific gender.
What bands have you listened to?-Enables me to outline individual differences when concerning what alternative rock is. Which then allows me to work out an average of what  band have been heard.
Do you enjoy alternative rock music?-Enables me to see if the target audience enjoy listening to the music or whether it's something they don't listen to themselves but something their friends play and they don't enjoy it.
When considering a name for the Alternative Rock genre which do you think would be more appropriate?-This helps me use audience feedback to pick the most appropriate name, chosen by the target audience, which suits the genre.

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